David Slochower


I am a principal scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where I work on computational drug design in the Data and Computational Sciences group.

At Vertex, I use a combination of physics-based simulations, cheminformatics, machine learning, and quantum mechanics to help design drugs. I also spend some time on patent analysis, making interactive dashboards, visualizations of chemical space, and writing code.

I was a postdoctoral fellow with Mike Gilson, at UCSD, and the Open Force Field Initiative, where I worked on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of protein dynamics, computational methods for assessing small molecule binding free energies, and force field development. Before that, I earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Biophysics at Penn, where I was advised by Paul Janmey and Ravi Radhakrishnan. I completed an undergraduate degree in Physics at Kenyon College.

For more professional information, find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, or Google Scholar.


You can reach me on Twitter as well as via email.